Not Reality


I created the above image on my desktop computer in just a few minutes. It is a showcase of how simple it is to create a false image. Just like the man who now jokingly occupies the White House. The image show how easily one can choose a spangled background to project the notion of patriotism, how easy it is to scowl into the camera as though the subject possesses formidable skills or resolve, and in the end, just like a reality television personality, it all means nothing without proven worth.

You boasted many promises for your first 100 days in office, Mr. Trump, and you have yet to deliver a single one on the scale you professed so loudly during the debates.

You claimed not paying taxes made you smart. If so, why do you display such cowardice toward the legal proof of that wisdom? For a man who is forever threatening to see people in court, why do you shy away when its simply defending your own boastful claim?

Even if I didn’t vote for a particular candidate, I could still respect staunch resolve and innovative thinking in the effort to reach the lofty goals you promised. Instead, I see a man who must hire people to cheer for him, a man who banishes the press who disagree with him, rather than intelligently, resoundingly taking the opportunity to express your new ideas and possibly win new hearts and minds. But you don’t, and that makes you a pale excuse for a man, much less an international leader.

The mighty seat that you may have likely bribed, lied, and rigged to sit in is not your fake board room on television. You are not the absolute boss wielding absolute power, and no amount of strong-arm threatening will change anyone’s mind about you.

Your statement regarding the complexity of health care is a glaring yardstick for how woefully under-prepared you are for the task at hand. The task that holds the future of a nation in the balance, not another of your disposable, ill-fated companies.

You, Mr. Trump, have ascended, and I use that term as loosely a possible, as in the context of falling up the stairs, to the highest office of PUBLIC SERVANT.

There has never been a time in your life when the focus of your effort is NEVER  on YOU. If you didn’t understand the complexity of that concept, then step down now before you make the most disgraceful mockery of the presidency in history. If there is one shred of brilliance and reality anywhere in your selfish hull, have the stamina to admit this country deserves better leadership than you are able to provide.

If you persist on your present course, you will never make this country “great,” not here, and certainly not in the eyes of the world. If anything, you have emboldened the leaders of enemies because they do not respect, nor will they, as you display your tantrums through social media.

This is world-wide reality, not for ratings, not for points, and not for profit. Not keeping promises at this level isn’t about money, its about the deceit you exercised to earn the vote of a citizen. There is no bankruptcy that balances that loss, and you, sir, are losing…rapidly.


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